Design Custom Pins

Do you have a great idea for a pin? Would you like to design and make your own pins to sell or give away to friends and family for a special event?

Well, we can stand beside you from start to finish to get your idea to become reality.

Weather you have a proof (ready for camera artwork) or something you scratched down on a bar napkin, or just an idea, our top-notch team is ready to bring it to life for you.

Send us an email at


and we’ll get in touch with you right away to start your creation.

Here are some descriptions of some of the pins we have had made and the processes which create them.


Cloisonné is the best choice for customers looking for lapel pins with a fine jewelry finish and highest value. The design is imprinted onto the metal using a die striking process. This technique enhances the image by giving it texture and distinction. Colors are then added to the recessed areas and polished after having been fired at 1600 degrees


Soft Enamel
Soft Enamel lapel pins are similar in appearance to Cloisonné pins. These pins also involve the process of imprinting your design onto a metal surface. Next color is added on top. Each pin is then fired at 450 degrees and polished. An optional epoxy protective coating called a dome can be applied to protect the color from cracking and fading.


Die Struck
Our Die Struck custom pins, have your image struck into the metal and then polished. Color is optional. This simple look really makes a striking pin.


Movable/Action Pins

We have designed and created a number of different movable and action pins. From “bobble-heads” to sliding pins, or hinged pins, if you can think of it…we can create it.